Obviously food trucks are life... They're convenient, they're tasty and we can all agree they're usually super awesome local business owners. But can we all agree on who's best? What' missing?

Here are the Treasure Valley's 5 best food trucks, based on personal opinion and Yelp reviews. Feel free to disagree, of course!

5. Coming in at number FIVE, my favorite Treasure Valley taco shop also has a taco truck, that would be Calle 75 Street Tacos. They have their Downtown Boise location, their location and The Village and their food truck! Last time I visited their food truck, I didn't even have to get out of mine to place an order!

4. I... Love... Smoked BBQ. Therefore, I love Urban Smoke and they're wonderful enough to have a food truck to service the Treasure Valley.

3. Coming in at number three, when you get that hankering for fish & chips, or you just happen to be at Lowes on Overland Road, if you smell The Kilted Cod food truck, you'll have no choice but to stop and partake.

2. Chowabunga! When you're in the mood for some authentic Hawaiian food with a delicious mochi ice cream dessert, you hit up Chowabunga which can often be found right next to the Central Valley Baptist Church off of Ten Mile and Pine!

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1. The number one spot goes to Tango's Empanadas and boy are they tasty! If you have not had an empanada, you're missing out. Empanada Club in Meridian is amazing but if we're talking food trucks, our number one spot belongs to Tango's, which can usually be found across the street!


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