One of my favorite store to hit while going to college in Spokane was Rosauers. I was super excited when Rosauers (Rose-Ours) came to Meridian with plans to open more stores throughout the Treasure Valley, but those plans have blown up big time.

According to a story that first appeared in, Rosauers Supermarket chain is planning to close it’s one and only location in the Treasure Valley. The store is located just a few miles from my home and I visited often.

According to the article departments will begin closing over the next week or two with plans to have the store liquidated by the first part of December.

The store which is located on Eagle Road just down the street from an Albertson’s has only been open in Meridian since 2012

A news release stated that this closing will affect approximately 70 to 80 full and part time employees. People who have prescriptions through Rosausers will be automatically transferred to Albertsons.

Competition is especially fierce in the Treasure Valley, with Winco, Costco, Fred Meyer, Walmart, plus this also being Alberton’s home base. It made it nearly impossible to compete with a single stand-alone store.

I have to admit that getting into and out of this location after the Eagle Road widening was also very difficult.

So long Rosausers, we hardly knew ya


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