Dr. Anthony Fauci's brutal ceremonial first pitch made me realize there actually is someone on this earth possibly less athletic than I am.

The short version is a couple of years ago, before I moved here to Boise, I was in San Diego and I knew someone who knew someone who needed someone to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a San Diego Padres game.

A little back story, though. I played little league baseball as a kid and I was terrible! I had no interest in it. In fact, my mom always tells the story about how I was watching the game on the next field over while I was supposed to be paying attention in the outfield. I did it for one season and happily quit.

I never did any sort of organized sport after that. I was a band kid in high school and college and anything with a ball sounded like a nightmare to my un-athletic, tuba playing self.

Fast forward to two years ago when I had the opportunity to throw out a first pitch at a major league baseball game. Was I going to say no? Of course not! I also didn't want to embarrass myself so with about 24 hours notice I got a ball and a glove and went with a friend to the park to practice and low and behold, when it was my time to shine, I killed it!

Unfortunately I don't have a still photo of my actual first pitch, the picture above was me practicing with the Padres girls before I went up. There were cameras in my face, a crowd making all kinds of noise, I mean quite honestly it was a pretty surreal experience but I'm glad I said yes and I'm glad I did well.

That said, I may have had a better first pitch than Dr. Fauci but he's definitely better than me at likely anything else on the planet, so I'm not knockin' his brilliance.

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