Ah, Facebook Marketplace - where you can find plenty of used or gently used items including everything from furniture to sporting goods. Sometimes you can strike up a great deal and walk away with high value item. Other times you may come across some things that simply make you question humanity.

I am pretty sure I've just stumbled across the most ridiculous thing being sold on Facebook marketplace in the Boise area at the moment: Room Temperature 20 oz Diet Coke. That's right, not just any diet coke but ROOM TEMPERATURE diet coke. And you better act quick on this purchase because it is also about to expire within days!

The Most Ridiculous Item on Facebook Marketplace

The item's description from the seller reads: "Still has some life in her. Doesn’t expire until July 19th of this year before the spells wear off and she turns back to dust from whence she came. Serious inquiries only. No low ballers I know what I have."

I will say the price I guess is somewhat reasonable though. I mean at least it's not this McDonald's chicken nugget that's priced at $25.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and assume this posting is all just a fun joke. We've seen some of the most hilarious, and at the same time horrifying, marketplace posts before - like these Christmas ornaments filled with BBQ baked beans or a women's mannequin with each leg individually priced at $45.
At the same time though, I wouldn't put it past anyone! After all the seller did say, "serious inquires only" and this is Facebook.

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