They just came out with a list of the modern inconveniences that bug us the most. What is that modern inconvenience that just grinds your gears? breaks down those #firstworldproblems and the ones that we feel like the world will end will happen. In the article they talk about how technology dominates our lives and it shows with these modern inconveniences. I think for most of us and I can say honestly that all of these things can frustrate me but some of them just down right can feel like you can't continue your day without it getting fixed, especially if your jo relies on technology.

1. Bad WiFi connection
2. Calls from unknown numbers
3. Forgetting passwords
4. Running out of phone battery
5. Late trains/buses
6. Paying extra for luggage on a flight
7. When your computer needs to ‘update’ seemingly every morning
8. Not being able to find the end of the sticky tape
9. Running out of mobile phone data
10. Not having enough leg room on a journey

For the full list go here, some of these inconveniences make me laugh.Like #27: People who call you, when you asked for a text or vice versa. People don't even like getting calls anymore.



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