When a viral video starts blowing up our social media feeds, naturally Mike and Nicole have to prove that they can do whatever it is and make it even better. The latest trend making waves is the Cup Blowing Challenge. Between the three of us who do you think was able to make it happen? 

Cup Blowing Challenge
Credit: JD Hanks Townsquare Media Boise

YES, you are welcome...this has quickly become the latest greatest waste of time that has the country in a spin. The Cup Blowing Challenge. When Nicole found this earlier this week she immediately told Mike and me about it, naturally, we have got to try this. After scouring YouTube for some explanation I found it and...dang it look like it was going to be a piece of cake. HA. So what's the deal?

1. Three Plastic Cups are the preferred cup of choice. Something about the density of the cups with the correct amount of force behind them lifts up and off and literally makes it fly.

2.Correct Spacing- This is crucial, we found out after multiple attempts..and by multiple, I mean hundreds of tries..that this is super important. I was never one for science experiments but dang this is pretty spectacular

3. Blow Baby Blow- Clearly the MOST important part of the game. E=MC squared or whatever..its all about the pipes..put enough force behind it and it lifts off and makes a clear landing into the next cup or like many of my attempts..is way off the mark. I found that the standing up and back method worked alright.

We may not have been the best at this #ViralVideo check out the hundreds and thousands of other who are killing this challenge. Forget the #BottleFlippingChallenge the #CupBlowingChallenge is here to stay..or until the next big thing and no matter what we will more than likely try it.

50 of the Best #CupBlowingChallenge videos:

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