The Mountain West just made their announcement regarding the 10 game season pushing back the start date for 3 weeks. So many fans were wondering if there was even going to be a season. Can't say the same for Vandal fans.

The Big Sky is reporting there will be no 2020 season for Vandals. COVID-19 concerns are too strong for the conference.

I can't say it's shocking that anything gets canceled at this point. It's extremely difficult to keep the number of people on a team quarantined during a global pandemic. It doesn't matter how good things might be getting because it's not great. We're seeing the NBA create a bubble in which players can't leave. The number of players is also smaller and that makes personnel easier to manage. You can't say the same for college football.

The health and safety of our students is our top priority, and ultimately that concern guided our decision-making process over the past few months as we explored every option regarding the 2020 football season

That is from Andy Feinstein, president of the University of Northern Colorado and chair of the Big Sky Presidents' Council.


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