Have you ever wanted to live off the grid? A man in Eastern Oregon has done just that, by spending about $5000 dollars per year to live in a small Hobbit like home built into a hillside.  His $5000 by the way just doesn't cover his minimalist lifestyle, it also covers the money that he needs to travel the world.

 Dan Price has lived this meager low maintenance lifestyle since he moved back to Oregon in 1990.  His Hobbit like home has electricity, running water in the form of a stream within walking distance and a composting outhouse toilet/tool shed. And that he said is pretty much all one needs to live comfortably.

He makes his money by writing his experiences in a book that chronicles what's going on in his life called The moonlight Chronicles.  He has about 100 people who subscribe for $5 a piece.

Dan said in an interview in That Oregon Life, that he is constantly working to get rid of stuff that clutters up his life, complaining that he really has too many shirts at this time.