My schnauzer just destroyed my daughter's dental appliance for the second time and schnauzers aren't even on the list of the most destructive dog breeds.  Which ones could possibly be worse?

My daughter stores her clear, soft plastic dental appliance in a case to protect it, and that might work against air but it's not very effective against a schnauzer.  Benny has swiped it twice when we weren't looking.  Last Friday, I found the open case with teeth marks on it in the yard, so he must have chewed on the case until it popped open and that allowed him to get after the soft-plastic teeth guard, shred it, and leave it in the grass.  That was an expensive dog toy.

The UK company Good Move spoke with pet owners about the dog breeds causing the most damage to homes, and schnauzers didn't even up on the list.

According to Good Move, The ten most destructive pet breeds are:

Moggie cat (9.3%)
Labrador dog (8.0%)
British Shorthair Cat (6.3%)
Border Collie dog (3.0%)
Parrot (2.8%)
Beagle dog (2.7%)
Cocker Spaniel dog (2.6%)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog (2.6%)
English Springer Spaniel dog (2.4%)
Bengal cat (2.3%)

And the most frequent damage caused:

Dug up flowers/grass in the garden (35%)
Ripped furnishings including sofas, chairs, and cushions (29%)
Urinated/pooed on furnishings including sofas, beds, and carpets (28%)
Scratched furnishings including doors and cabinets (28%)
Chewed their owner's favorite shoes and clothes (26%)

Some owners said their pets had ripped the wallpaper off walls, chewed wood paneling, and opened the kids' Christmas presents.

Another schnauzer of mine ripped open a bag of ground coffee one time and ingested most of it before feeling ill and spitting it all back up on the carpet.  Another knocked a plate of Oreo cheesecake off the counter and at the cheesecake and the broken plate. Are we sure Schnauzers don't belong right up there with parrots?

Despite the destructive habits, frustration, and added expense, we can't imagine life without these little guys and they'll always be part of the family.  Apparently, they're feeling pretty secure in that.

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