There was a time when protests in Boise would come and go. You would get a hundred people here or there, but, that was about it. I remember the Women's March years ago when the numbers hit well over 5,000 Idahoans.

I feel like we've seen continued support since that March event back in 2017. People show up for each other and we saw similar numbers during the Black Live Matters event on June 2, 2020, at the Capitol. These have all been peaceful until recently and that's why Tuesday's event has been moved.

Black Lives Matter had planned a protest to take place in front of City Hall on Tuesday but, according to KTVB, will now announce a location. Boise Mayor Lauren McLean spoke in a video Monday night expressing concerns about the event based upon information about people coming into Boise to cause problems.

During the last protest it got very nasty and I remember watching the fights and didn't recognize Boise. The hate that was spewed on the steps was disgusting and it felt like I was watching protests in another city. You should be able to invoke the first amendment right to say what you want. Tonight we've been asked to stay home and just moments ago the event is being moved.

Be careful

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