I had an expensive gym membership AND a pricey Pilates studio membership. I utilized both and lost 30lbs early in the year, so it was easy to justify the expense. However, when the pandemic hit, my husband was furloughed from his job. It was grand that I was getting in shape, but fitting into my pre-baby pants wasn't earning us extra money. I  made the fiscally responsible decision to give up both memberships.

Now I'm left to my own devices to continue getting in shape. So I quite literally purchased my own device, a Fitbit Inspire HR. If you aren't familiar, it's basically a watch that tracks your steps, heart rate, activity, and calories burned. Paired with its app, you can also log food and water intake, set goals, and monitor progress. All the accountability you need for a one time cost of $70. I was paying around $90 a month for both memberships.

As for the actual working out, how lucky am I to have moved to Idaho? Plenty of hiking, biking, and running trails to choose from! The 25-mile Boise River Greenbelt obviously top of the list. I've already had the pleasure of running alongside the river, taking in all the fresh air and greenery for free!

Sometimes I don't wanna work out solo, though. In that case I head over to Ann Morrison Park for some tennis. It's fun, free, and compliant with social distance guidelines to reduce the chance of catching Covid. It's arguably my favorite form of exercise.

I have yet to hike Table Rock, but that's next on my list. What other trails should I check out? Which are your favorites?


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