Every day is a holiday! Literally, you can look up National Days for every day of the year. My favorite ones are the food related ones. Just a few days ago was National Ice Cream day, which I forgot to celebrate. I'll make up for it today.

My favorite junk foods: Trader Joe's Pickle Popcorn, Sabritones. Abba-Zaba, Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy 7 Coconut Seven Layer Bar, wasabi peas, glazed nuts, tater tots... Honestly there are too many to count.

But what junk foods are being eaten around the country? Zippia.com broke down each state's favorite. Kansas and Oklahoma are partial to Nutter Butter and Sour Patch Kids respectively and I respect that. Virginia is all about that Oreo life and so am I. If you haven't tried the dark chocolate variety, you're missing out.

Idaho's go-to? Clif Bars, which makes me feel like I belong. I literally had a white chocolate macadamia nut one for breakfast. I'm a little surprised it's considered junk food. I feel like the picture of someone rock climbing on the package should disqualify it as junk.

Do you agree about the Clif Bars, or is there a different junk food you think better represents the state?


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