Odds are good that during our recent triple-digit heat, you've sought out a tree to provide shade for a break from the heat or to park and try to keep your car from melting. 

There is no time like summer to appreciate our City of Trees quite as much, and now, Boise is asking for you to help add to our "claim to fame" and popular amenity.

The count of trees in city parks and public areas totals somewhere around 50,000.  When you add in those on private property, we've got a lot of trees in our area, but most are not native species to a desert environment, and City officials are working to increase that category and and the area in the city that is shaded.  That's where we can come in.

The City of Boise is encouraging us to help by planting more trees in our own yards, and getting involved in projects to do the same in public spaces.  Supporters site the health benefits of trees for both people and environment, and also that shade can reduce cooling costs of our homes.

For more on this story, check out the Idaho Statesman.

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