You'd think with our moderate climate and perfect environment for gardening, we would have ranked higher, but sadly, we'll need to keep our britches on when we're out by the lawn.

I know, this is likely a message for a very specific group of people; people who like to garden naked. Out of Lawn Starter's List of 100 cities, Boise ranks 99th for best city to garden naked. So, where can you bare your bum, and your green thumb simultaneously? The number one city in America? Miami, Florida. All those oranges? Planted with their melons hanging out!

So why does Boise fall so low on this list? There's a bunch of criteria. The one that's hurting our flesh shovelers the most is the "nudist friendliness rank", where we rank 98th out of 100. Some of the other criteria include Gardner friendliness rank, where we are 91st, which is a bit surprising, really. Then there's popularity, weather and safety. All big concerns for gardening, and being naked outdoors, and naked gardening.

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The city with the friendliest nudist ranking overall is Seattle, Washington. Now, I guess I understand that, though there would be a lot of rainy, wet naked days if you lived there. The city with the friendliest gardening ranking is Hialeah, Florida. New York and New Jersey get the vote for popularity ranking, and I guess that makes sense since so many people live there but yeah, we're not the friendliest for gardening naked, and now you know why! But don't let that stop you from dropping your drawers and and digging those holes!

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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