It seems like every day a new story and warning about the Boise River comes out. Today my family and I experienced it in our own back yard. 

The top news story on the 10 o'clock seems like most nights are the new high levels of the River. Working downtown I can see them looking out the Mix106 Studio. Its incredible, like not in a good way but the kind you can't turn your eyes from. The amount of water that continues to rise is really something, and its scary. The weather seamed to finally break Sunday and walking through the blue bird skies was a welcomed changed to rain and gray and downright cool days. Honestly, and I know this sounds silly but yeah I know the river is flooding all over but seeing it in person in my own backyard/neighborhood never in a million years did I think I'd actually see it so bad. These are a few of the pics my family and I took as we walked our normal weekend route. Heartbreaking, incredible, and it completely stopped me thinking about the sheer power of this fast flowing Boise River.

Truthfully, the pics don't even do it justice. That water is taking over the Greenbelt near Eagle and State. Police actually patrolled the walk ways this weekend letting everyone know that the water was rising and was swiftly taking what ever was in its path and to keep clear of it. The Bridge along this stretch of Greenbelt is actually in some pretty significant danger if the waters continue to rise. Keep listening every morning to Nicole as she brings you the latest in What's Trending around the Treasure Valley for the latest closures, warnings and evacuations if needed. For more on the Boise River Flooding use the Keyword Boise River for the latest. Stay safe! - JD

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