Even though we can get out and do more these days, there is still a lot we can't do that we normally would and we are still doing as much virtually as we can. Here's the top virtual attractions you can do in Idaho with your family. 

Through Idaho 360 on YouTube, you can raft down the Payette River, kayak to Shoshone Falls, zip-line through the Snake River Canyon and more! It's a great option to learn and experience Idaho when it's hard to get out these days.

I recently did virtual trips with my kids trough kayak.com and we had an absolute blast.

With Memorial Day next Monday, studies show that travel will be down 95%, so if you're still leery about venturing out, you might as well check out one of these virtual adventures. When we get back to normal, you may be even more inspired to go out and try the real thing!

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