We've been spending A LOT of time together at home, and I think it's safe to say that as much as we love our family, they can get on our nerves. We are probably getting on their nerves too at this point! Here's a few things I have learned about my family members while being stuck with them 24/7. 

My boyfriend moved in with us just prior to the stay-at-home order, which has made a big adjustment even bigger considering that he is working from home.

I thought I knew him really well before, but I'm noticing more quirks since the pandemic hit.

1. He is so loud. We can all hear him from every room in the house. He talks loud, listens to movies loud, listens to music loud, it's all LOUD!

2. He's clean on his terms. He hates dishes in the sink and the dishwasher has to be loaded a certain way, but he'll leave his socks and shoes and stuff all over the place. It's just like having another kid.

3. He has the weirdest eating habits. He doesn't usually eat anything before noon. Then he'll eat lunch at like 3 p.m. and then he wants to eat dinner at 8-9 p.m. when we typically eat between 5:30-6 p.m.

My 11-year-old daughter

1. She depends on me to entertainer her. It's always, "What are we going to do now Mom?" She has no ability to entertain herself. I'm pretty sure this is all my fault.

2. She could craft all day long! Since she's home all day there is clay and markers and paper and glitter everywhere!

3. She is a big hoarder and the. most forgetful person I have ever met. I can't even get started with her and these issues, because as much as I love her, this drives me up a wall.

My 13-year-old son

1. He uses basketball whenever he has had enough of us. (It's always out to shoot hoops when he just needs a break.)

2. He still really seems to like me. For 13, I've been impressed with how much he still wants to do with me. He's wanted to play my intern while I work and I'm cherishing these days because I know it won't be long before I'm not cool to him anymore.

3. He eats enormous amounts of food. Now that he's not at school half the day it is incredible to see how much that kids eats! His metabolism makes me so envious all the time.

What I imagine they'd say about me.

1. I spend too much time in the bathroom.

2. I'm constantly in the kitchen. (It's a weird little escape for me to bake something up,)

3. I spend too much time working or on my phone. Ugh.

What new things have you discovered about your family members since you've been quarantined with them?

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