Feel old yet? Can you believe this album is TWENTY years old? Trying to think of what my life was like twenty years ago and it's much much different.

Back in May of 2000, I was 13, finishing up eighth grade and getting ready for high school. Britney Spears was 18, and already one of the biggest stars in the world. Her Oops... I did it again album won the Billboard Music Award for Albums Artist of the year and sold half a million copies on it's first day of release, which is impressive, because back then you had to go to the store and physically BUY an album.

The album went on to reach the number one spot on the Billboard albums chart with three out of four singles that were released charting on the Billboard Hot 100, and the single "Oops, I did it again" appearing in the top 10.

Twenty years later, and Britney is still just 38 years old... What a career!

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