There's so much that goes into a pair of jeans becoming our go-to pair.  We want them to hit the style trends, be comfortable, and not break the bank.  Check out these ideas on ways to make it all happen this spring.  And, are skinny jeans still in?

Yes, skinny jeans are still a thing.  We just need to call them something different!  Saying "skinny jeans" makes it sound like they're automatically tight and uncomfortable, like we have to lie on the bed and really suck it in to shove ourselves into them and get those things snapped and zipped.  But if we can find some good ones, they're usually soft and comfortable and move right with us.

The Today Show has some ideas on the best places to find jeans under $50.

That includes Target.  Universal Thread is a new line from Target with inclusive sizing for every type of body, and they've got some high rise, flare leg, and styles in between.  Those are usually about $28 each.  Not bad.

H&M has some good ones at affordable prices too, according to the Today Show.  That's the place to find vintage, distressed jeans, and slim and high styles too.  Oh, and culottes!  My grandma loves those cropped, flare-legged culottes, and my cousins and I would always crack up about it growing up, because we had never heard of them and thought they were just for grannies.  But Grandma knows!  Culottes are making a comeback and H&M has them for $30.

Other places to get great jeans under $50 include Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Old Navy.  Nordstrom has the high-end designer jeans too, that cost more than $100 or $200 a pair.  But the deals are out there if you don't mind digging.

Do you try them on before you buy?  Never after a big meal!  We go jeans shopping while we're hungry, and then we celebrate the feat of squeezing into a good size with some chips and salsa and a margarita.  Or we shop online and cross our fingers that they fit.

Spring is here and we want to shop, and we hope this helps you freshen up the wardrobe and find a comfortable pair that's great on fat days and skinny days and every day in between.  When in doubt, go for the culottes!

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