I spent an exorbitant amount of time complaining about winter the last few months. With the exception of the snow (when I didn't have to drive in it), freezing, grey, dreary days sans sun had me in a depression. Genuinely. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder. The arrival of spring helped lift the haze of sadness and I've finally been getting some vitamin D. But I forgot how awful the allergies and bugs are.

I'm thrilled that flowers are starting to bloom. I've got some deep purple pretty things growing in my yard right now that are Instagram worthy for sure. But there is so much pollen floating around, my allergies are on high. Before my thirties I never experienced allergies. What a shock when all of a sudden itchy, watery eyes and congestion in my nose and ears became part of my life. The last few days allergy medicine has not been cutting it. What home remedies should I try to alleviate these symptoms?

And now all the creepy crawlies are coming out to play too. Specifically, the bushes around my house are covered in webs and I've seen no less than 7 spiders scuttling about. The garage has also become home to some eight legged critters. I'm not scared of spiders, but there seem to be so many and I can't be sure if they are deadly or not. I don't necessarily want to get close enough to find out. My husband has done some bug spraying on his own, but he's no expert. What service do you trust with keeping your space spider free?

In general I definitely prefer spring to winter, but I feel like I'm being held hostage by spiders and sneezes. I need help!

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