If you've had a mishap with texting and walking, you're not alone.

I was texting and pushing a grocery cart once, and smacked into someone turning up the cereal aisle.  I got a dirty look! But no fine or citation.

Do you think we'll see a law against texting and walking soon?  I'll tell you what the experts have to say about that.

And ER doctors say there are more injuries these days due to texting and walking. Watch out!

University at Buffalo study says there are tens of thousands of people texting and walking these days, and many of them are falling off of curbs and suffering other unfortunate injuries because they're not watching where they're going.  I wonder if they are able to finish the texts, and if they end it with a smiley face or a sad face.  Hmm.

Since laws banning texting and walking are impractical and unlikely, Dr., Dietrich Jehle says possible solutions include a mobile app that alerts texters by camera or a voice command about that oncoming obstacle.

We could always put the phone away while we're walking!  That's a novel idea.  But it's just so tempting to get in "just this one" text, right?  We consider it multi-tasking.  At least we're not driving!

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