Savannah and I have had Koda for nine years as of next week, he was a rescue pup out of Kalispell, Montana who was left tied to a stop sign by his original owner. The story used to make me sad but without having that happen we would have never ended up with such a great dog. Unfortunately our Koda-Friend recently played too hard at the Nampa Dog Park and really injured himself.

This past Sunday we had the same though at many dog owners in Nampa and that was to visit the dog park. As soon as we arrived both Koda and our other dog Gypsy could hardly contain themselves in the parking lot. So, as soon as the leashes came off they were running around meeting and smelling all the other dogs at the park.

After only about 5 minutes Koda joined in on a game of fetch and started limping, right as we started calling him so he would slow down he then stopped putting any weight on that leg at all. We knew something was seriously wrong. We took him home and set an appointment with our Veterinarian immediately. It took our vet just seconds to diagnosis a completely torn ACL and let us know he would need TPLO surgery to fix his knee problem.

It's tough news to hear especially as this is going to cost thousands of dollars but just as parents do for kids this is something that needs to happen. The longer we wait the worst the problem will be so Koda is headed to Sun Valley today to have surgery by Dr. Ackers. The whole situation is a pain but we would do anything for our dogs and this is just a reminder that life never goes according to plan, you just have to make the best of it. Luckily, this is something he will recover from so we will be back at the Nampa dog park sometime in the middle of summer.

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