Most people around the Treasure Valley and really all across Idaho have heard the name David Rush he is the Boise man who has broken more the 65 Guinness World Records and isn't stopping anytime soon. David had his talent on display at last weeks St. Luke's Fit One where he broke two more world records but he might have broken a third. According to David's recent blog that would put his total at possibly 70 world records broken in total.

The records that he beat at Fit One were the: Longest duration balancing a baseball bat on one finger and Furthest distance walked balancing a baseball bat on one finger. The marks to beat were 2 hours and 9 miles respectively.

The third record in question is, the fastest half marathon with a baseball bat balanced on one finger. At this point David is just waiting to see if the half marathon meets the Guinness requirements which he is requesting the specifics from the Fit One organizers. You can read more about David and his world records here.

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