Tis the season for all the fun runs and outdoor activities. It's summer time baby, and this run is a sure fire way to remember where and what you are doing.


I saw this truck driving around State Street this afternoon on the way home in this blistering heat, and one thought wow that is soo #Redneck and the second wow that is, even more, redneck that its a moving billboard made of plywood and signs but dang what a great way to promote a pretty awesome run. The 4th Annual Tater Dash is coming back to the Treasure Valley and if the plan is to loose some weight and sweat off all the excess lbs this summer and get into better shape... what a better time to do it than during the heat of the season July. July 15th at Twin Oaks Farm its one of the most fun Mud Run's to watch in the city, and it's really really really dirty. This 5.2-mile course on an 182-acre stretch has over 60 obstacles and is designed to challenge even the most die-hard fitness expert, but not too much to the point where you wouldn't have fun. It's the only Mud Run in the state of Idaho that is built by Idahoan's for Idaho residents. What a sticking cool event. Never heard of it before? Watch the video below and get your team and family together and get a muddin.

To register or to find out more info about the #TaterDash2017 visit their website at http://taterdash.com/register/

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