There have been so much back and forth with this I am so glad to see that it seems to be a go! It sure would be great to get some extra moolah, especially to help with holiday gifts. The first time around for the Covid 19 stimulus relief bill, called the CARES Act, Individuals received $1200 with $500 for each eligible child. While that was a nice hunky extra payday the second time around isn't looking as generous.

There are still negotiations, debates and talks as they are still trying to finalize a nearly $1 trillion COVID-19 relief package. It is looking like this economic relief package will shell out about $600 to American individuals, half the amount of the first time. This massive package also includes more than $300 billion in aid to businesses; a $300-per-week bonus federal jobless benefit and renewal of soon-to-expire state benefits; vaccine distribution funds and money for renters, schools, the Postal Service and people needing food aid.

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Congressional leaders were hoping to pass the stimulus bill by Friday night, but that is a bit of a stretch, they are expected to do an extra weekend session to work out the kinks before moving it forward. It is looking like it will be wrapped up (lil pun there) before the holidays. Since they worked out most of the issues and differences hopefully it will be in time for us to maybe even receive the money in our bank accounts before the end of the year. There were some hold ups and issues the first time around but it should be much easier for them to send the money this time.



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