This pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down. We've all have had to make many lifestyle changes but after some consideration, some of those changes are for the better and should probably stick around after the pandemic. Here's a few things I'd like to see stay the same even after we return to "normal."

  • Social distancing especially when waiting lines. Please no more standing right on top of each other at the grocery store! Personal space is good.
  • Washing hands more frequently. Good hygiene should always be a priority.
  • Loading the plane from back to front. It just makes the most sense anyway.
  • Keeping the middle seat open on planes. I do love the extra space on a plane.
  • Curbside services. From takeout, to grocery pick up, to even veterinary services, curbside service has made everything so much more convenient.
  • Virtual work meetings. It's been proven how most in-person work meetings can so easily just be covered with an email or a quick zoom chat from your own office/work space.
  • QR coded menus. No more bulky menus! Electronic menus are revolutionary. The whole menu pops up on your phone with a quick scan.
  • Telehealth appointments. Some health care needs to been taken care of in-person but there are many situations where a conversation with a doctor is all that is needed and can easily happen virtually.
  • Support of small local business. These businesses depend on a community and we should always want to show support for them.
  • Wearing masks when you're sick. We should all know by now that masks help stop transmission and should embrace them even when we have a cold.

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