The Dangers of Playground Equipment in the Summer
It’s hard enough trying to keep the kids entertained over summer break. It definitely doesn't help with the crazy hot temperatures we have had in the Treasure Valley over the past couple of weeks. It makes it even harder when it comes to playing at the park or playground...
Fines For Paddleboarding Without Required Equipment
Have you ever been paddle boarding? It's always intrigued me, but I just don't think I have the balance or fitness level to do it.
Not many people realize they are considered to be a vessel when used outside of a swimming, surfing, or a bathing area, so they fall under all of the other boat…
Low Cost Rental Program For Outdoor Gear
With the weather finally starting to warm up and many of us having spring fever, it’s a perfect time to start planning out all of the outdoor activities we want to do for the season!
Purchasing outdoor gear and equipment can really add up