Local Boy Scout Troop 49 has a trailer that they keep full of equipment in the parking lot of Whitney United Methodist Church in Boise. They have camping gear, tents, canopies, snow equipment, and more. Someone broke into it and took everything! That's thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

Who on earth steals from the Boy Scouts?!? Seriously..

They have actually had it happen once before and they invested in some padlocks. Those didn’t seem to stop these thieves. The total amount of gear stolen equals out to about $2400. Most of the equipment stolen had been donated to the troop.

Not only is it a big blow to the kids, but they have a camping trip scheduled for next weekend! Now they have to scramble around to figure out what to do. Think of how much these kids were looking forward to a fun filled camping trip where they make life long memories, and now someone else with their greed and selfishness took that away.

Here's hoping that whoever took their belongings will feel guilty and give it all back.

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