It’s hard enough trying to keep the kids entertained over summer break. It definitely doesn't help with the crazy hot temperatures we have had in the Treasure Valley over the past couple of weeks. It makes it even harder when it comes to playing at the park or playground.

Playground equipment can get SUPER hot…dangerous hot. Whether it's plastic or metal, the equipment can get hot enough to cause third-degree burns and blisters.

The slides are the most dangerous too. Kids usually head for the slides first and don't waste any time checking the temperature, and their skin is much more sensitive and thinner than ours.

Be cautious of the playground equipment in general, but also the cement if they wear sandals or take their shoes off, park benches, giant rocks, or any surface that can heat up in the sun.

Test it out. Touch the surface you're concerned about with the back of your hand. You should be able to gauge if it's too hot for your child!

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