Just when you thought 2018 couldn't get any worse, a quick run for the border makes this literally the best year in human history.

You've probably gone through a couple thousand packets if you've ever dined at a Taco Bell restaurant. Mild. Hot. Fire. The new Diablo sauce. They're pretty addictive, and no treat from the 'Bell is complete without at least one to two packets of hot sauce. So, as surprised as we are at this news, the real question is...why didn't they think of this sooner?

Joshua Blanchard / Stringer
Joshua Blanchard / Stringer

Taco Bell says their new 'Taco Bell Tortilla Chips' will be rolling into grocery stores across America in May 2018. T-Bell broke the news via Twitter this month:

The best part? The packaging (seen above) looks just like a Taco Bell hot sauce packet! Complete with stupid catch phrases on the front and everything. It's rare that a fast food joint puts out a new product that shakes the entire industry, but for this writer, Taco Bell just changed the entire game with these chips.


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