Been a while since you've left the house? Well, let's go for a virtual 4k journey around Meridian, Idaho! Talk about a staycation!

From Wahooz to the wonderful neighborhoods of Meridian, The Village and so much more, this 4k tour will take you on a sooting journey through our very own town! We all know Meridian, Idaho is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and it makes sense.... All the available land, the close proximity to Boise, the many hospitals, Micron and other big time employers of the area. But when was the last time you just relaxed and took a drive around Meridian? This video does it... In 4k High Definition quality! And what a town it's become.

It's crazy when you drive through old Meridian downtown and see traces of the beginnings of Meridian, a stopping post quite a distance away from Boise. In 2021, Boise is the anchor city and Meridian, Eagle and Garden City blend right in with seemingly no way to tell when one city ends and another begins (other than a sign that indicates an expired population number and the elevation). Sprawling suburban neighborhoods as far as the eye can see, an abundance of shopping dining and anything else you could possibly need in a community can all be found in the new Meridian. Enjoy this 4k journey of our town that at nine months old, even the tour might be a little out of date. Can you spot any growth since this video was made last year?

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