Growing up, whenever it was our birthday, my mom would always have us pick our favorite dinner and she would make it for us. For years, like through my 24th birthday, I always picked my mom’s lasagna for my birthday dinner — now we just go to Texas Roadhouse with my grandparent or something haha!

However, this has me curious, what’s the best place for lasagna in all of Idaho?

Lovefood recently published a list of the best lasagna in each state...

and for Idaho it was The Wylder right here in Boise! 👇

The Wylder
The Wylder

Lovefood says, “At craft pizza and cocktail bar The Wylder, the lasagna gets people talking. Made according to a secret family recipe, it features delicious, freshly made marinara, torn basil leaves, and grated hard cheese. Plus, it’s large enough to share. If you really enjoy it, you can buy it frozen to bake at home.”

Good to know! If you love lasagna as much as I do, consider stopping by The Wylder or picking up their take-home lasagnas to have on hand. I’ve never had it before, but it sounds like we won’t be disappointed.

Their website says, “Damn good pizza, Craft cocktails, and Nightly suppers. We make hand crafted, slow batch pizza with soul. Full-service dining, craft cocktails, and suppers.” There's a good chance their lasagna probably is damn good because they’re currently ranked the BEST in all of Idaho, and one of the top 50 in the entire country.

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