Tacos are amazing, but on National Nachos Day you don't eat tacos. It doesn't matter that it happens to fall on 'Taco Tuesday', you get the biggest pile of delicious nachos around and you start devouring them until you can't possibly eat any more. This national day has it's own website, and always takes place on November 6th.

Nachos were apparently first created over 70 years ago by a Mexican man named Anaya when a dozen or so wives of American soldiers were shopping in the small Mexican border town of Piedra Negras.

As the maitre d, Anaya found himself without a chef so he decided to rustle up something tasty for his guests. The only foods available in the kitchen were tortillas and cheese. He began making the dish by cutting the tortilla into triangles. The cheese was then melted by heating it together with the triangular chips. He topped the dish with jalapeno peppers to complete the first-ever recipe of Nachos Especiales otherwise known as Nacho's Special Dish.


Anaya, who was called Nacho because of his short stature, created a dish that would grow in popularity in Texas and the Southwest over the next 20 years.  Anaya went on to work at the Moderno Restaurant in Piedras Negras, which still uses the original recipe. He also opened his own eatery, Nacho's Restaurant, in the border town. 

As you can probably guess there is only one way to celebrate National Nacho Day and that is to munch down on a big ol' mound of chips with all the toppings. If you grab a big pile of Nachos to celebrate today make sure you send us a picture of them on Facebook.

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