Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

My family and I love to make the trek up Table Rock as much as we can. The view alone is spectacular and the time with my family enjoying a place we get to call home is priceless. This makes me so sad though!

A little less than a year ago, anti-graffiti benches were put up at Table Rock.

A local woman who hikes the trails everyday said she saw graffiti on two of the five benches, both with profanity.

It’s sad to see disrespect and vandalism in such a beautiful place that we should be able to appreciate and enjoy. Many organizations, volunteers, and members of the community put time, hard work, and money into cleaning up Table Rock and putting in the new benches.

The Rotary Club of East Boise says they'll be up there this weekend to remove the graffiti and work to restore the benches.

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