Everyone knows that Idaho is Famous for our potatoes...and that's why our slogan is Famous Potatoes. But is there a more honest slogan for Idaho? According to the thrillist.com there is.

Here's what the Trillist had to say about Idaho:

"Home of the famous tuber, as well as a place named "Hells Canyon," which any state but Arizona would trade up for. Snake River Canyon, one of Idaho's many other canyons, also lays claim to a spectacular Evel Knievel fail. He crashed a rocket car onto the canyon floor, nearly dying as a result. Hashtag children of the '70s.

Better slogan: Idaho, Survivable, With a Helmet"

Here are some of the other really funny honest tourism slogans for other states.

Alaska: You'll be all alone when you die in the snow

Florida: You'll Probably see nipples

Louisiana: We Serve Drive-thru margaritas

New York: Heyyyyy, I'm walking here.

Iowa: Humidity? Naw that's just corn sweat.

Kansas: Last in hills, first in your NCAA bracket

Alabama: We Beat Your School in Football, and Your School Beat Our School at School

What do you think? can you come up with a better honest Idaho slogan? Share below in the comments section.

Check out all 50 state's honest slogans here


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