In my book, Sundays are for self care. It's the one day of the week that I claim as my day. I use Sundays to unwind from the weekend and rejuvenate my body for the rest of the week ahead. I've developed quite the little routine for myself and I'd like to share it with you.

The very first thing I do on a Sunday morning is sleep in! I make sure to catch up on all the sleep I need and missed out on during the week. That means no setting of an alarm - literally the best feeling. Once I wake up when my body is ready, I I head to my kitchen and cook up a nice breakfast (usually brunch at this point). During the week I have to be at work before 6 am. I don't really have the time in the morning to make a real breakfast during the week which is why I make sure to do so on Sunday. Lately my favorite to make has been roasted potatoes with a poached egg on top along with a cup of coffee.

A clean home is a happy home so they so. I always do my deep cleaning on Sundays. I live in a one bedroom apartment by myself so cleaning isn't too big of a challenge. Plus I also feel so much better relaxing for the rest of the day in a clean environment. Oh I also tackle laundry on Sundays too.

After all of that's taken care of comes my favorite part of a self care Sunday - a bubble bath! I take my bubble baths very seriously and get really into them. I set the mood by closing the door, turning off the lights, and lighting a couple of candles. I then put on some calming meditation music. Dr. Teals matcha green tea foaming bath are the best bubbles I've ever used by the way. I really do feel more focused and relaxed. 

After that I hop back into a comfy robe and enjoy football and some Netflix.


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