My week was made better this week when I discovered my favorite store in the mall (who had recently left) had moved to State Street and Relax Massage was still in business. 

If you are one of those who had enjoyed the services of Relax Massage in Boise Towne Square Mall over the last seven years, you know why I was missing it so much.  Relax ran massage spa services just outside of Sears on the upper level for years.

I don't spend much time in malls (as shopping isn't one of my favorite past-times), but when ding Christmas shopping and feeling the stress of that season two years ago, I found this oasis.  They offered table massages (with clothing on) and their rates were extremely fair - especially for a mall store.

Over the last year I would try to make it in about once a month and always appreciated the value and service they provided.  About two months ago, I went in and found they had closed to remodel, but at the same the company seemed to have changed.  When I asked the new company (who is offering chair massages while the store renovations are happening), they said they were new and weren't sure where Relax had gone.

I was glad to find them while driving this week at 1717 W. State Street.  Same people, same prices, just a new location.  If you've been hoping to find them (as I was), I just wanted you to know they're still around, just in a new location.

You can find more from Relax Massage HERE.


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