Anyone who works in radio will tell you that the hours can be crazy. Because of my work schedule I wake up every week day at 4:30 am which was a HUGE adjustment from my previous lifestyle. I used to host the night show when I lived in Indianapolis. The time that I usually went to bed there is now about the time that I wake up here.

With that being said, I've had to transform myself into as much as a morning person as I can possibly be. To help me do this I intentionally do certain things in my AM routine to help me ease into the day. Coffee, obviously is the big one. I would not be where I am today without coffee. But I started doing something else that really changed the game for me: Showering with candles.

Showers can be an excellent way to wake yourself up in the morning and I HAVE to shower in the dark. The light in my bathroom is simply too bright to handle, especially after sleeping in the dark for 7 hours. Not only do candle-lit showers give your eyes time to adjust to the light, but they also set the scene. You definitely get a spa-like vibe going on when you incorporate candles. Throw in some mediation music and all of a sudden, waking up at 4:30 am doesn't seem like that awful of a thing anymore.

My morning showers are now my time for peaceful meditation. The candles help me to relax and center my thoughts on what I need to in order to have a positive day. Candle-lit showers really have made all the difference for me in the mornings.

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