Something broke at my house yesterday and when I looked into replacing it I was shocked to find you can't find this really anywhere in the Treasure Valley. 

I've had a very basic beach cruiser bike for the past ten years. I'm not some fancy biker. I just want to ride down the street with my kids. The tires on my bike had gone flat, so my daughter and ex-husband offered to fix them. A simple fix turned into them completely ruining the bike, so I decided to throw in the towel and just invest in a new basic beach cruiser.

Turns out, finding a bike right now is no simple task! I only shopped online, but I couldn't find a women's beach cruisers especially an affordable one anywhere. They were out of stock at Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target and Amazon!

I've also been wanting to get a bike for my son for his birthday in July and I think it's going to be very tough to find one.

Gravity Payments, here in Boise recently said that the top three things Idahoans are buying during the pandemic is alcohol, guns, and bicycles!

I guess it's good that we are all getting out and being more active, but I never anticipated running into this problem!

If you know where to find a women's beach cruiser (I don't want used, I just want cheap) and/or a basic men's mountain bike, let me know!

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