It's as simple as sharing a small note saying " I'm thinking of you" or "Have a Great Day" that can change our day. The Boise Public Library is doing it right with #Guerillakindness. So what is Guerilla Kindness? 

We've all had those bad days, where you feel you aren't good enough or the day is just so long it want to just it to end. I know for me a word of encouragement always makes me feel better. Maybe it's just part of my 5 Love Languages, but the Boise Public Library is spreading the cheer and encouragement.

This is not the first time that the Boise Public Library has deployed the notes of kindness on the Treasure Valley.

My goodness, how cool is it to jumpstart your day with a note of encouragement. The notes originally started with positive thoughts and phrases tucked in the books with in the racks of the Boise Public Library, but the movement has expanded out to the streets. Have you seen rocks painted around the downtown area like the one pictured from Boise Twitter user @tuffentiny?

Just another great reason why our city is so stinking awesome. Have you seen these around the city? Would you participate in the #movement and share your findings if you found a #kindnessrock? I mean come on, why not show the love Idaho is too great a state to do anything different. Help spread the smiles, the good feels, and the positive vibes. - JD

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