Story time can be important to any child and sometimes it can be a real bummer to miss out on one. As a parent, life can be unpredictable and unfortunately we can't always be there to tell a story when our kids need one. Thankfully though the Boise Public Library has resources to help us parents out.

If you need a book on the go or your kids want to hear a story before bed, the Boise Public Library is a direct call line available. Simply call up 208-972-8208 at any time so your children can enjoy stories and songs shared by staff from Boise Public Library. These stories are good for all ages but are particularly for kids ages 2-5 years. You and your kids can expect to hear new stories every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The Boise Public Library actually does a phenomenal job at providing all types of activities and resources for the kids in our community. For example, this week just so happens to be Kindergarten Readiness Week at the library. So if you have any soon-to-be-kindergartners in your bunch, be sure to stop by the library sometime this week for a free grab & go kit!

Each kit includes guided games and activities to gain skills in letter and number recognition. The kits are available at all BPL locations. No registration is necessary. Just simply request a kit at curbside pickup or during your visit to browsing hours this week. Kits are limited to one kit per household.

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