It was a nice day Saturday minus Friday and the day after being rainy. So we took advantage of the nice weather.

Scooter riding, the Idaho BHA gear sale, and Bacon one of my favorite stops downtown. We started at the Idaho Backcountry Hunters and Anglers beer, gear and deer sale at a local brewery. We got there when it started and checked out the goods and booths then decided to venture out downtown. While walking we realized we could ride scooters to wherever we wanted to go. So the scooter search ensued, and we are on the hunt.


After searching around finding some dead ones and then ones of other brands, we downloaded multiple apps and found ourselves some scooters and took off to Bacon. We enjoyed some more riding after some bacon and refreshments. It was a perfect day after the rainy day on Friday.

We still have a couple of days of rain so I am glad I got out when I did. Thanks to Allie and Kelsey!

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