As if this winter wasn't crazy enough already. This week the Boise winter hit a new historic level

If you drove anywhere yesterday morning, you know that all the new snow caused a lot of problems on the way to work.

Officially Boise received 3 new inches of snow on Monday (1/23) What you might not know is that sets a record for the most snow to ever in the history of the city of Boise to fall between October 1st and January 23rd.   Total snow fall for this winter is now officially at 35.5 inches according to the National Weather Service. That beats the old record of 35.1 inches set back in 1985-86.

Official records go back to the 1940s, but unofficial records go back to the late 1800s and no other year has ever had so much snow accumulation recorded over that time. So this truly is a record setting winter…and just think, we’re all here to witness it….(Hey I’m a Glass half full type of shoot me)…and Mother Nature probably isn’t done with us yet.  #Yeefreakinghaw

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