The experts say it's a good thing to let the dog sleep in the bed with you.  But does your sig other agree?

See why this "good thing" could also be a deal breaker for relationships.

The Mayo Clinic says in a new study that having a pet in the bed helps us feel relaxed and gives us a sense of security, and helps us fall asleep faster and have a restful night's sleep.  That's what most people say.  Then are the 20 percent of us who say pets interrupt their sleep with shaking collars, barks and snorts, and sometimes the dry heaves. Being tired all the time -- something else to blame on the dog.

I dated a big burly muscle-head type of guy a few months ago, and we hit it off in many ways and liked each other a lot.  I love dogs.  But he love, love, lovvvvves his dog and treats her like she's his daughter. (He has no two-legged kids.)  He's got a little tiny Yorkie with perfectly-combed hair, a pink bow most days, and never an eye booger, and she is so dainty she barely takes up the space of his enormous muscular forearm.  His Facebook page is plastered with pictures of the dog, and when he shows off pictures stored in his phone those dog pics are the first ones to surface.  He sleeps in the bed with that beloved dog every night and even props up a special pillow for her.  When I suggested I might not be totally on board with the dog being the one getting such princessy treatment in bed, he gave me a look of horror like I had turned his world upside down and I could see our future flashing through his eyes in that blank stare.  Um, we're not dating anymore. Whoops!  But I'm sure he's enjoying cuddling up with that precious dog every night in that big, empty bed.

Do you sleep with your dog? I have in the past, but now my two pups sleep on a big fleece dog pillow near my bed.  What works for you?


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