Apparently, stress is not keeping us up at night.  The average person in the Treasure Valley has banked an extra 13 hours of sleep in the past month, and one of our cities is getting more sleep than all of Idaho.

Online sleep-industry review and information site, Sleepopolis, did a study and said those in Boise who are working from home during lockdown are sleeping an extra 13.8 hours per month.  Whether we're logging big chunks of extra sleep on weekends or getting little bits every night, that's a lot, and it's related to several sudden life changes.

With no commute, we're not waking up as early as we were when we had to go to the office.  The commute down the hallway is only 45 seconds long, so we can sleep in, roll out of bed, and go.

We don't have to drop the kids off at school on the way to work unless we count turning on their Chromebooks on our way to the coffee pot.

And binge-watching TV during the day means we've gotten those shows and movies off of the to-do list early, and there's no reason to stay up late to watch.  Score.

Sleepopolis also ranked the best and worst cities for sleep in Idaho, using sleep factors including smoking rate, insufficient sleep rate, mentally unhealthy days, physical inactivity, air pollution levels, and unemployment rate.

Boise has a sleep score of 84.35 and came in at #6, meaning we have far better quality sleep than other towns and cities in Idaho.

The study found that Eagle is really banking some zzz's!  It's the best city in Idaho to have a good night’s rest with an overall sleep score of 85.81. Eagle is one of the most active cities in Idaho, and the average person only has three "mentally unhealthy" days a month.  Eagle is good at handling stress.

The top cities for sleep across Idaho are:

1.  Eagle

2. Hailey

3.  Meridian

4.  Kuna

5.  Star

6. Boise

7.  Ammon

8.  Hayden

9.  Garden City

10.  Rathdrum

If stress, kids, bad dreams, and acid indigestion are keeping you up at night, it has to average out, doesn't it?  That good night's sleep has to be near.  Have a great weekend.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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