Over the last year I finally settled into a sleep routine that works for me and my duties as a parent. Both kids go to bed around 8:30pm and sleep long hours, which leaves plenty of time in the evenings for Mommy and Daddy to connect before slipping into a nice 8 hour slumber.

That all changed when I moved here for my dream job (I will never not call hosting Moug & Angie Mornings my dream job). Between 9pm summer sunsets, an hour ahead time difference, and a 5am work day, my body doesn't know what to do. I'm also tied to this weird feeling that I'm gonna miss something if I go to bed early, so I stay on my phone scrolling through social media way longer than I need to.

At first I thought if I took a nap during the day it would make up for the sleep I lost the night prior. Unfortunately this made me just stay up later in the evening and I was back to my original problem. I also don't love naps. I never wake up in a good mood, so then I'm just kind of cranky for hours.

Yesterday I think I finally cracked the code. I forced myself to stay awake through what would normally be nap time and went to bed at an earlier hour without my phone. I was forced to just lie there with my thoughts. Fortunately I barely had any because I'd been so exhausted from 2 weeks of crippled sleep. I'll try this approach again tonight, but I have ZzzQuil on hand just in case.


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