Guests at a wedding reception in Eagle were surprised when pop singer Montell Jordan showed up for a surprise performance of his 1995 hit, “This is How We Do It.” The story made its way all the way to TMZ too!

The groom, Ryan DeLuca, founded and runs Black Box VR in Boise now. He and his bride, Neyla, planned a first dance routine to Montell’s song, but a close friend helped Ryan make a surprise live performance on their special day a reality for his bride and guests.

The appearance fee was $10,000, as reported by TMZ. Plus, he was flown from Rome to Las Vegas, where he performed that day, and then made his way to Boise.

He even stuck around to pose for pictures and sign commemorative glasses with the hashtag, #thisishowwedoit.

If you could hire anyone to perform at your wedding, who would it be??

Mine would be, without a doubt, N’Sync. Not just for me, but to hear JD squeal like a girl!

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