Dating scene not looking too great so far in 2021? Why not have a blind date with a book on Valentine's Eve from the Meridian City Hall?

This is a pretty cool concept and I've actually done this before. Now in my case, it was just a book store with wrapped books. They had put them (vaguely) into categories of interest and I picked one and it turned out to be a book about physics of the future that I really loved. In this case, it's the perfect distraction from Valentine's Day! Or, maybe it's nothing negative at all and you just want a cool surprise book to read.

Mark your calendar and get ready to head over to the Meridian City Hall next Saturday, the 13th from 1-3pm where they will allow you, for free, to choose a wrapped book to take home. One important note: these particular books are all novels intended to be read by adults so while it may seem like a cool idea for kids, they may need to sit this one out.

It's funny I know some people who are real book worms and I know some people, like myself, who will sometimes wonder, "when was the last time I actually read a book?" and sometimes I realize, it's been way too long. Take advantage of this cool opportunity, you might fall in love with a book you never knew existed. Besides, it's FREE and it's just down the street. Enjoy your blind date with a book!

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