This season on the Boise River will become the shortest in history. If you didn't get a chance to float the river during the summer time, it's too late to do a last minute run now. 

With all the issues that the River has seen over the last 6 months, we all knew it was going to happen. If the Boise River was cleared safe enough to float after the floodings that took place, then we knew it was going to be a shortened season. My question is though, should it have been? The Boise River has always been a favorite pastime for most Treasure Valley residents. So when the flooding started happening and the threat of losing the season becoming a real reality, the question in my mind was, well even if we do get a season, should we? Do we get the true value of it even if it's just for a few short weeks?

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38 days. That's it, for 38 days, the pride of the summer time was opened after the water's hazardous speed a flowed almost shut it down for good. Business and residence all experienced the reality that when the River floods, it is not good for business and even daily life. Things started to get very dangerous and plans started to develop for the month long trek to generate business on the water. Because honestly, that is one of the biggest fears of many owners along the river. When people are out floating, rentals are happening around the area, so with the shortened season, the outcome of income, was far from comfortable. Barbar Park took a hit, restaurants around the drop in and drop off points saw significantly fewer customers and that hurts at the end of the year.

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So again, my question is, would it have been smarter to just skip a season? Sure we all would have missed out on some fun in the sun and seeing our great cityscape from a different view point, but in the long run it seemed like maybe it would have been the smarter choice. Let's discuss. What do you think? With a number of damages, and danger the river, even after it was cleared to float, should it have been opened up, or should we just have said, see ya next year.

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2018 Float Season is going to hopefully bring us a very fruitful Summer experience.

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