In case you missed it, Barbie mania has taken over Boise! And with several weeks of prime floating weather ahead, we're geeking out over the plethora of pink & Malibu-like swim merch spurred by the release of the Barbie Movie. As the major motion picture closes its first week at the Box Office, we're ready to hit the Boise River in our brand-new, oh-so-glam Barbie swimsuits!
If living it up like a Boise Barbie is your idea of a good time, check out our favorite Barbie-inspired swimsuits for women, girls, and babies in the gallery below!

Funboy: the Brand that Made Instagram's Favorite Unicorn Float

You might not know the Funboy brand by name, but you've probably seen the company's trendy products promoted across social media for the last five years.
Originally known for producing high-quality, highly photogenic pool floats, the Funboy brand was made famous by Hollywood's biggest celebrities. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner have all been photographed with Funboy's signature unicorn float.

Funboy x Barbie Swim Collection

In 2022, Instagram's favorite family-owned brand broke burst onto the fashion scene with the Funboy x Barbie Swim Collection one year ahead of the Barbie Movie release.
A six-piece collection inspired by vintage Barbie and her iconic Dream House, the Observer reports the line was designed with eco-friendly fabric and materials. Around the same time, the brand also launched a line of Barbie pool floats, beach balls, and beach towels that give '70s vibes.

Barbie Fun for Everyone

But Funboy doesn't own the market on Barbie swimwear! As we combed the internet looking for Barbie swimwear, we were please to find several retailers with adorable pieces. Take a look at the cute Barbie suits we found in the gallery below!

18 Swimsuits for Floating Like a Barbie Girl on the Boise River

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10 Barbie Pool Floats Every Boise Barbie Girl Will Love

Bring out your inner Barbie! Scroll on for a look at our favorite Barbie Movie-inspired pool floats!

15 Completely Inappropriate Barbie Dolls the World Was Not Ready For

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You Can Now Stay In The The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse Airbnb - Check It Out!

💗 SOLD! The Idaho Barbie Dreamhouse in Sandpoint

😍 Life is but a dream when you're Idaho Barbie.

⛰️ From her sense of adventure and athleticism, to her appreciation of wild life and free-thinking nature, Barbie is right at home in Sandpoint, Idaho.

🤩 Have the best time scrolling through this stunning Barbie Dreamhouse listed for sale in Sandpoint, Idaho! See for yourself why Barbie would buy this home on the banks of Lake Pend Oreille!

💎 Bonus: the Barbie Dreamhouse tour is packed with fabulous Barbie facts!
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